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How to modify the gather rates on your server (UMOD)

These are things that you will need to have before you move on with this guide
Install oxide from modmanager

NOTE: Start the server and let it boot fully for oxide to generate it's files/folders. Then stop the server again.
Next install gathermanager then start the server and let it fully start to generate the files needed

Navigate to your Web Console and enter your RCON password and then press enter for it to login then you can enter the commands.

You are now finished, below are rates of things you can change using commands on your server
Rates for 2x Server
gather.rate dispenser * 2
gather.rate pickup * 2
gather.rate quarry * 2
gather.rate survey * 2
dispenser.scale tree 2
dispenser.scale ore 2
dispenser.scale corpse 2

Rates for a 5x Server
gather.rate dispenser * 5
gather.rate pickup * 5
gather.rate quarry * 5
gather.rate survey * 5
dispenser.scale tree 5
dispenser.scale ore 5
dispenser.scale corpse 5

Rates for a 10x Server
gather.rate dispenser * 10
gather.rate pickup * 10
gather.rate quarry * 10
gather.rate survey * 10
dispenser.scale tree 10
dispenser.scale ore 10
dispenser.scale corpse 10

If you have any questions or you need some help please don't hesitate to contact our support team by opening a support ticket.

Updated on: 18/09/2021

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