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How to resolve lag on Valheim dedicated servers

# Lag on Valheim is mostly caused by the game, not the server or the hardware.

What can cause lag on Valheim ?

A player with a weak internet connection or high ping or from a distant country from the server it's hosted can cause the whole server to lag.

Due to the nature of how the game was developed, a player with a bad internet connection it's enough to cause lag to all other players, an explanation from the dev's about this can be read below.

Network cap, the game comes with the network capped by default, if you have a lot of buildings, bases, trees, etc in a certain area, the game can hit the cap and cause lag, for that you can try to install the Modified Assembly DLL from our Mod Manager button that helps in those cases, will not magically fix the game lag, but will surely help.

Server visibility, recently dev's released the information that setting server to IP Connect Only will help with some lag, try to switch your server to IP Connect Only inside Start.bat file with server stopped, once enable connect to your server using direct IP as shown on the HOW TO CONNECT TO YOUR SERVER help guide on your control panel.

If you need assistance contact our support system either here or via live chat on the control panel.

Updated on: 18/09/2021

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