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How to add mods to your [PC] Space Engineers server

This guide will help you on how to add mods to your [PC] Space Engineers server.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you must have generated a world first in order for this to work, once you have generated a workd make sure generate new world is turned off!
Stop the game server
Navigate to Steam Workshop and find the mods you want then press install then uninstall then install any mods after
Start the game server

If mods are not loading that happens because you changed the world name inside SpaceEngineersDedicated.cfg but the server didn't actually generate that world yet because you also need to enable an extra setting for that, follow these steps to correctly generate a new world with the name you want. please ensure that the sandbox_config.sbc file contains text

Stop the game server
Navigate to Configuration files
Edit SpaceEngineersDedicated.cfg, change the World Name to the name you desire and enable Generate New World option
Start the server and let it generate your new world.
Stop the server and just disabled the Generate New World option from inside SpaceEngineersDedicated.cfg file
Navigate to steam workshop (Installed) and click reinstall all (Only do this if you had mods installed previously otherwise see step 2 on the guide above)
Any mod installed after doing this will not require a reinstall and can be installed as normal unless you generate a new world (You must click reinstall all again if a new world is generated)

This should generate your new world and mod's installation will also work, if you already had mods installed, just go to Steam Workshop (installed) button and press the Reinstall All button to get them installed on the new world.

Updated on: 18/09/2021

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