How to upload your Space Engineers World From your PC or Other Provider

This guide will help you on how to upload your Space Engineers World from your PC or other Provider.

Generate a new world with the same name as the world you want to import, follow instructions below to generate the new world.

Stop server
Edit SpaceEngineersDedicated.cfg, change the World Name to the name you desire and enable Generate New World option.
Start the server and let it generate your new world.
Stop the server and just disabled the Generate New World option from inside SpaceEngineersDedicated.cfg file.

Now you need to upload your world files to the world you just created, follow the steps below.

Stop server
Connect to your server FTP
Go to Saves\ folder on your server and you should see a folder with the name of your world, delete it and upload the world from your computer
Start server

Alternatively, you can order our World Migration Addon from your client area, send us your world on a support ticket and our team will import it for you.

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