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How to automatically update mods

This scheduled task will update your server mods, but only if you installed them using our Automatic mod installer described in this guide: Mod Installer Guide

Go to the Scheduled Tasks tab in your Control Panel
Create a new Scheduled Task and select the Update Mods option
Give it a name of your choice, 12 Hour Mod Update for example
Select the date/hour you want to next update will happen()
Select Recur Every 1 Days
Select Repeat task option
Select Repeat Every 12 hours
Select For 24 Hours
Save the task

(*) Task runs based on the machine local hour, you can view the machine local hour under Server Details > Machine Local Time button, if needed adjust your game panel profile timezone to match clicking on your name on top right corner > My Profile then Timezone.
In this example it will update your server mods every 12 hours, if you want any other number of hours, just change the Repeat Every 12 hours to any number of hours of your choice.

If you need assistance contact our support system either here or via live chat on the control panel.

Updated on: 18/09/2021

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