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How to download your Valheim server BepInEx ModPack folder

This guide will help you on how to download your Valheim server BepInEx ModPack folder

If you getting the Incompatibility Error when joining your server or for some reason, you want to download all your mods and configs from your server to your computer, you can use our automatic BepInEx ModPack installer.
Stop your server
Close your Valheim game
Press the Download BepInEx ModPack button
Go to the File Manager button and download the BepInExModPack.exe file to your computer as example below

Execute the BepInExModPack.exe file you download to your computer and extract it to your Valheim installation folder, if it gives you a Warning when executing, accept, it's perfectly safe!

If you need assistance contact our support system either here or via live chat on the control panel.

Updated on: 18/09/2021

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