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How to upgrade or downgrade your servers player slots

This guide will help you on how to upgrade or downgrade your server player slots.

Stop your server
Login to your client area
Go to My Services > My Services menu on top menu bar
Open the service you want to upgrade or downgrade from the list (please note downgrades are not refundable)
Click on the right Upgrade/Downgrade options menu
Change the options you want and press 'Click to Continue' button
Start your server

If you are upgrading the player slots or anything else, an invoice with the price difference will be generated, once paid, just restart your server to apply the new slots.

Some games require that you open and save the configuration files with the configuration editor option to update the new slots number in the configuration files.

If you have any questions or you need our help don't hesitate to contact our support system.

Updated on: 04/03/2021

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