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How to add Zomberry Admin Tools

This guide will help you on how to add Zomberry Admin Tools to your DayZ Standalone Server.
Navigate to your gamepanel and stop the server.
Navigate to Steam Workshop on your gamepanel
Search for CF Tools and click install
Search for Zomberry Admin Tools and click install
Start your server once to generate the Profile folder, then stop the server again once that has been done
Navigate back to your gamepanel and open filemanager
Navigate to the Zomberry mod folder @ZomBerry Admin Tools
Copy the admin.cfg file inside the @ZomBerry Admin Tools/config folder and drag it into your SC/Zomberry folder
Navigate to the SC/Zomberry folder and edit the admins.cfg file and place your steamid64 then save
Start your server
Find your 64bit steam id on the following link,

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Updated on: 18/09/2021

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