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How to change spawn points on your server

WARNING: Please ensure to make a backup of all files you modify to avoid any data loss.
In order to change player spawn points, you will need to edit the cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml file of the mission your server is currently using. (Located in the MPMISSIONS Folder)

Make sure your server is stopped before you start this process.

You will need to gather the coordinates of the location you want players to spawn at.

We highly recommend you use this live map as it's the easiest way to find the coordinates: iZurvive DayZ Map

Alternative methods to find the coordinates are:

Gather a specific position from the admin log by letting a zombie or friend hit you. The line will look like this:
12:15:05 | Player "GTXAI" (id=tagID- pos=<55155.7, 5591.5, 2.0>)[HP: 10.5631] hit by Infected into Torso(1) for 3.75 damage (MeleeZombie_Heavy)
The part in the line above, pos=<52635.1, 1521.3, will be your X and , Z cords.

You can also activate the "Log Playerlist" option in your server's ServerDZ.cfg file. The line will look like this:
13:14:44 | Player "PingJacob" (id=TAGID- pos=<22111, 1411.1, 1.5>)

Now you need to edit the cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml of your server's currently in-use mission to change the spawn point coordinates you've just identified in step 1.

To do this, use the file manager to navigate to mpmissions\<CurrentlyUsedMissionsFolder> For example, mpmissions\dayzOffline.Chernarus

Towards the top of the file, identify the line: <generator_posbubbles>

Delete all the default spawn points!

Then add your new spawn point, e.g. <pos x="2222.23" z="3333.39" />

If you have any questions or you need our help don't hesitate to contact our support system.
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Updated on: 18/09/2021

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