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Space Engineers Memory/Block Cleanup

Space Engineers Memory/Block Cleanup

Install Torch From our one click MOD section HERE
Run the following commands in chat on your server

!cleanup delete $      where $ is one of the following variables hastype, notype, hassubtype, nosubtype, blockslessthan, blocksgreaterthan, ownedby

then a blocktype and owner or blocks variable

For example

!cleanup delete ownedby GTXGamer (delete any item owned by player called GTXGamer)

`!cleanup delete notype (delete any item that has notype)

`!cleanup delete hastype refinery (delete all refineries)

`!cleanup delete hassubtype largethruster (delete all sectors which have in them a "largethruster")

`!cleanup delete blockslessthan 1000 (delete any blocks within a sector which has less than 100 total blocks)

`!cleanup delete blocksgreaterthan 100000 (delete any blocks within a sector which has more than 100000 total blocks)

`!cleanup delete notype beacon blockslessthan 100 (delete any blocks within a sector that doesn't have a beacon and has less than 100 blocks)

Updated on: 14/03/2021

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